Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dubai Atlantis Resort

Dubai Atlantis Resort

Opened in November, 2008, the Dubai Atlantis Resort is one of the most amazing resort experiences once can experience. Breathtaking to see and live, the Atlantis is world renowned for not only its beauty, but also for its first class service, rooms, amenities, and setting.
Dubai Atlantis

With over 1,300 rooms and more than 150 deluxe suites, shared between two hotel towers and linked by a beautiful archway, the Dubai Atlantis Resort is similar to its sister resort in the Bahamas. However the Dubai Atlantis offers even more for the particular traveler. For, not only is it a hotel and resort, the Dubai Atlantis also boasts a theme park for entertainment of a different sort.

Dubai Atlantis offers 7 world-class eateries, including gastronomical pleasures from Japan, Italy, France, Arabic, and New York Steakhouse styles. The resort also offers higher end boutiques such as Tiffany and Company, Cartier, and Villa Moda. Even offering special activities and areas for children and teenagers, Dubai Atlantis includes Atlantis' Kids Club, with supervised activities in separate areas and Club Rush, a 'no kid' and 'no adult' zone for teenagers with video games, movies and internet access.

As a world class water resort, it should be no surprise that the Dubai Atlantis features fantastic water adventures for guests of all ages and interests. Some of these features include Aquaventure, a 17 hectacre theme park with river rides, a huge waterslide called the Ziggurat, with its experience of sliding through a shark filled lagoon, and the Royal Towers private beach.
No resort is complete without spa services, and Dubai Atlantis does not disappoint. In fact, the average guest may feel overwhelmed with the variety and quality of the services available, including full treatment rooms for massage, sauna, jacuzzi, and a complete fitness centre.
For a world-class, once in a lifetime experience, visit Dubai Atlantis Resort located in the heart of the gulf.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dubai Tourism 2010

Dubai Tourism 2010

“Nowhere Like Dubai” is the official slogan of the Dubai tourism department, and unlike most locations that claim this moniker, Dubai truly is like nowhere else on earth. What was originally a small fishing community is now a world-class city that features amazing accommodations and tourist activities.
Although a very new city, many visitors are not aware, until they visit, that Dubai has a rich history and cultural heritage. In fact, archaeologists have found evidence of human settlement in the area from as far back as 4,000 years. More recently, though, the city of Dubai can be traced to around 1830 when it was founded among a string of over fishing locales along the gulf coast. Many prized historical items can be found in Dubai's city museum.
Admittedly, however, most tourists are attracted to Dubai not because of its deep historical roots, but rather to its world renowned sites that truly baffle the visitors' imaginations. Some of these locations include absolutely astounding shopping and entertainment opportunities. There are mind-blowing attractions such as the Dubai Marina, set to be the worlds largest marina and built in the shape of a palm tree, the Burj Dubai which will be the worlds tallest skyscraper at an astounding 2,684 feet (818 meters), and Dubiaiand, an entertainment complex complete with six zones or worlds including the Eco-Tourism, Sports, Retail and Entertainment, and Downtown worlds. Within the city there are thousands of unique dining experiences for every taste and palette.
In just 30 years, Dubai has transformed itself from a regional center to a worldwide one, where visitors from around the world come to take in the fabulous sites, and tickle all of their senses. With a population of over 2 million people, Dubai is truly one of the worlds wonders with its feast of world class offerings.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is Dubai Officially Bankrupt

Is Dubai Officially Bankrupt?

World markets are in a tremor with the news that Dubai may be going bankrupt, but like so many news items, this may be another one where the announcements by media are exaggerated, and so, too, are the reactions. In times like these, it is important to take a deep breath and ask some critical questions. Namely, does the announcement made by Dubai mean inevitable bankruptcy, and, if so, how would that affect plans to visit and/or invest in this state-of-the-art city.

The bottom line is that the rumors aren't true. Dubai is not bankrupt, nor is that necessarily an inevitability. Basically what has happened is that Dubai was going to ask its creditors to suspend payments on its $60 billion of debt for at least six months. In a panic reaction, some world stock markets 'crashed,' including in India, fearing the worst.

The Dubai World conglomerate has many financial interests, and in a wide variety of projects and locations. Dubai itself is one of its crown jewels, both a tourist mecca and financial powerhouse. Dubai World conglomerate is highly unlikely to 'go under' since it has a business partner and fellow emerite called Abu Dhabi, which has already bailed out its 'younger brother' earlier in November.

In fact, most financial analysts are predicting long-term financial health for Dubai since this particular 'bump' is an indication of its cleaning up its debt-heavy standing. So, the predictions of the worst-case scenario are premature, and can be quite damaging, as it plants fear in potential investors, and in tourists who might have been considering an adventure to this exotic city.

Dubai is a huge, flashy and exciting city; their future is secured in the short-term, and also the long-term. The wise investor, in fact, would look at this recent announcement as an amazing opportunity to reap the rewards of patience, and the hesitant tourist would also benefit from the city's desire to work even harder to please its visitors.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Panoramic View of Dubai

Amazing Panoramic View of Dubai

Check out this astonishing panoramic view of Dubai. You can see the Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Fountain, Burj Dubai and amazing World Islands.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dubai - The Business Etiquette

Dubai - The Business Etiquette

While most of Dubai's modern ways have blended in with how business is done in the emirate, there are a few things to be remembered when you head off to the next meeting with Arab nationals in Dubai.
Amazing Dubai

First, if you are not an Arab national, don't wear the traditional Arab clothing. Dress to impress and a smartly conservative suit will suffice regardless of whether it's night or day. Avoid asking anyone about their punctuality, because in the Arab world, being late is not a big deal. The meeting will most likely start later than the stipulated time, so expect a few late arrivals. The traditional Arabic greeting is not expected from a foreign national, so there's no need to worry about it. A simple firm handshake will be enough. However, remember not to offer your hand in greeting to an Arab female, unless she offers her hand first.

Be respectful to everyone at all times. Avoid sitting with your feet pointing directly at anyone, as it's considered very rude. Outright criticism is heavily discouraged and any such comments should be done privately. No decisions are rushed, so you'll have to spend a few precious minutes chit-chatting and enjoying snacks.

While the above may seem to take a long time for business meetings, you might be caught off-guard when the pace picks up suddenly, as they do in business meetings in Dubai. Quite often, the late-to-start meeting will be concluded within 1/3rd of the actual allocated time. Lunch meetings are more common than evening ones and it should be noted no alcohol is served in public and a request for such beverages is considered insulting. Avoid politics too and if the subject comes up, don't take sides. No meetings or business processes will take place on Friday, so never suggest anything 'business' for Friday.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Major Developments On Palm Jumeirah

Major Developments On Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, the very first artificially created, massive geographical marvel in the world, is now home to over 4000 residents. But, the island is also a place filled with signature developments by various international and local entrepreneurs. Some of these are hotels and resorts, while others are leisure and recreational facilities. The Palm Jumeirah is world-renowned for its ground-breaking venture, where the world's geographical map was readjusted to expand Dubai's shoreline by 100%.
Trump International Hotel & Tower

Two of the heavily highlighted developments on the Palm Jumeirah are the Trump International Hotel & Tower and Atlantis-The Palm. As luxurious as it gets, these two luxury hotels are surrounded by the best of international standard facilities and amenities. The Trump International Hotel & Tower will be a landmark development, scheduled to open its doors by 2010.
Atlantis - Palm Jumeirah

The luxury hotel-condominium complex will be the centrepiece of Palm Jumeirah, attracting the elite society to its glamourous interior. The split-linked open core design of the tower has earned it loads of architectural praise for the innovative and modern concept. The 49-level mixed-use luxury complex will comprise 300 rooms in its five-star hotel and 360 freehold residential apartments in its tower. A private beach and yacht club, gymnasium, tennis courts, pools, gardens and fitness centres will also be part of Trump Dubai.

Atlantis-The Palm, which opened in September 2008, is another attention-worthy major development located in Palm Jumeirah. Complete with an underwater world theme park and design concept, the Atlantis is open to both guests and the public who simply wish to get a glimpse of the luxury and entertainment available.

Besides these two iconic projects, the Palm Jumeirah is home to several residential communities, including the acclaimed Fairmont Palm Residence, Oceana, Golden Mile, Shoreline Apartments and the Tiara Residences. Majority of the residential villas and apartments are located on the beachfront, with luxurious private beach facilities.