Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dubai Islands - Residential Developments – The Palm Deira

Dubai Islands - Residential Developments – The Palm Deira

The largest out of the three major Dubai Palm Islands developments, the Palm Deira covers 14 kilometres in length and 8.5 kilometres in width, with an area of 80 square kilometres. The purpose-built island will house residential property, commercial districts, shopping malls, clubs, sports facilities, extensive leisure developments and marinas.

The Palm Deira will have approximately 8000 villas classified according to three specific styles, namely the Premier Villas, Grand Villas and Vista Town Homes. The villa owners will be permitted to choose from a wide range of architectural themes once the plans are drawn and finalised. All three villa types will consist of two floors and have direct access to the beach and private swimming pools. Land plots for the villas are larger than the areas available for the other Palm developments in Jumeirah and Jebel Ali. 
As part of the residential development, the Palm Deira villas will be complemented by private and public beaches, marinas, dining options, shopping malls, recreational facilities and many leisure activity centres.

The Palm Deira is the third and newest island in the Palm Islands developments, and was not in the original plan. However, the massive demand for property in the Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali developments created the need for more similar developments and the Palm Deira was approved in 2004. Residential property at the Palm Deira are open for all buyers, regardless of nationality, and will be sold on a freehold basis.
The island development project consists of nine separate islands, with varied purposes for each. The residential developments are mostly available within the Palm Crescent, Palm Fronds, Palm Crown and Deira Island MamzarThe Palm Deira is located within a distance of six kilometres from the other major development, The World. The island project adds 400 additional kilometres to the Dubai shoreline.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dubai Islands - Perseus Resort & Spa – The World

Dubai Islands - Perseus Resort & Spa – The World

A group of 300 artificial islands away from the coast of Dubai forms ‘The World.' These islands are situated at such positions that they form the outline of the world map. Dubai is famous for many of its seaward developments and this particular sketch is so striving and so elite that only a little is known about the real purpose of the islands, except that they increase the city's shoreline.

Dubai established creators Perseus Property Management Ltd has bought two islands from chief plan creators Nakheel.
The two island are to be developed into a Perseus Resort and Spa. Designers LW Design have captivated the serenity of the seaward surroundings and produced a design that mixes Mediterranean architecture with a clue of Ancient Greece. The innermost detail of the evolution is the Boutique Hotel and Spa and Marina. Visitors can unwind about the pools, bars and therapeutic arenas. They can also pair with the marine life and swim among the remains and coral reefs.

The World and the different islands will become a tourist spot for holiday makers, visitors and local inhabitants. Some islands will be confidential, while others will be residential areas. The plan is to alter the area into a water bound environ so that visitors or tourists can investigate the islands by private boat or water taxi. Golf, shopping, restaurants, bars and cafes including entertainment areas are the other world facilities which would be available.
Life at the resort will not be ordinary. The environment will be dreamlike and special, peaceful and calm. Inhabitants will take pleasure in a lifestyle unheard of in any other part of the sphere. The two islands which are to be presently master designed are Rostov and Orenburg and these islands are part of Euro Asia and are selected as regions inside Russia.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dubai Islands - Infrastructural Developments – The Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Islands - Infrastructural Developments – The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah
is often promoted as a prime property destination for luxury residences and commercial towers, but the foundation of it all is in the elaborate infrastructure, which is rarely discussed. Since the development is located approximately four kilometres away from the main land, there's a lot of advanced infrastructural work done to provide the ultra luxurious facilities offered at the Palm Jumeirah.

IGY Anchor Marina
The main marina for access into the Palm Jumeirah island has the capacity for 700 or more yachts and megayacht docking. The high standard facility also provides retail, dining, clubhouse and special events venues, along with beautiful sea views and modern berthing services. Managed by th Island Global Yatching (IGY) company, the Palm Jumeirah's Anchor Marina will have two complementary marinas located on either side of the island's Trunk.
IGY Anchor Marina

The Monorail is developed with the aim of providing convenient accessibility to the Palm Jumeirah island's various sites and attractions. Starting from the Gateway Station located on the Trunk and extending to the Atlantis Station on the Crescent, the Monorail is a 5.4 kilometre transport system. The rail tracks will pass through the island's Trunk, Fronds and Crescent, with intermittent stops at the Trump International Hotel & Tower and the Luxury Retail Centre.
Dubai Monorail

The Park
Flanking the sides of the iconic Trump International Hotel & Tower, a 7-hectare recreational park will be the centrepiece of Palm Jumeirah's attractions.
Jumeirah Park

Sub-Sea Tunnel
The Sub-Sea Tunnel is a 1.4 kilometre long, 6-lane underwater tunnel. Built as the chief transportation connection between the main Palm Jumeirah section and the circumferential Crescent, the Sub-Sea Tunnel accommodates 3 lanes per traffic direction and is equipped with service/emergency cell as well.
Dubai - Sub-Sea Tunnel

Logo Islands
Besides the main Palm Jumeirah development, there are two identical artificial islands measuring 4.9 million cubic feet built in the shape of The Palm trademark logo (a liberal palm leaf design) located on either side of the Trunk. These two islands are personally owned by the Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Dubai - Logo Islands

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dubai Islands - Themes & Dreams – The World

Dubai Islands - Themes & Dreams – The World

The World development on Dubai's ocean has peaked a lot of interest from investors and developers alike and with the development's completion in early 2008, the islands of The World are now ready to be developed into anything a particular buyer wishes it to be. Over 50% of the archipelago's islands are sold out at the moment, with more sales within vicinity.

The majority of buyers are corporate developers and world-renowned figures, who intend to develop these private islands into their own sanctuaries in a multitude of ways. However, the general consensus is, the islands will retain their original intended themes, while still adhering to the owners' wishes.

The mega project's master developer, Nakheel, has claimed that there'll be a balance between how private owners and commercial investors 'redo' their islands and how they keep the original idea intact as well. Possible commercial ventures include themed islands, such as a tropical rain forest eco-island, a history resort with a medieval castle and a culinary island for presenting international cuisine.
There are confirmed reports of several themed developments on The World islands. Irish business consortium Larionovo is reported to be developing the Ireland section into an Irish-themed resort, including a number of apartments, villas and luxury leisure facilities. It's also expected to have a recreation of Northern Ireland's Giants Causeway. An island on the Antarctica region will be developed by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre as a 6000 square metre pearling and marine entertainment centre.

In April 2008, the Salya Corporation purchased Finland and Brunei for US$218 million, with the aim of further developing the islands into fashion-themed resorts based on FTV concepts. A Fashion TV resort will be built in Brunei, while Finland will be developed into the FTV Palace, a fashion community. An Irish group of investors led by John O'Dolan has purchased the England region in September 2008, although the exact development plans are not confirmed yet.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dubai Islands - Oqyana – The Pride of The World

Dubai Islands - Oqyana – The Pride of The World

Oqyana, also known as Oqyana-World First, is a growing undertaking being constructed on the artificial islands of The World, which is away from the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The name means Oceanic in Arabic and it will reside in 22 islands of The World, which communicate to the islands of Australasia and New Zealand.

Oqyana will have stunning scenes of the Dubai shoreline and be reachable from the terra firma by a ferryboat service. It is anticipated to be the dwelling of 10-12 thousand people as it will include above 1650 sea-view flats and mansions, 90 aqua homes, about 170 duct homes, and two expensive hotels, and a spa resort.

It is proposed that the islands will have opulence apartments, harbor views, reclusive homes, and a number of residences. The construction of Oqyana will also include a trade hub, an extravagant hotel, a spa resort, restaurants and cafes. Passing through each island will be private passageways with water bridges linking the islands.

Oqyana will inhabit an entire area of 1.87 million square metres and a total inland region of 417 thousand square metres. It will enclose 17 kilometres of interconnected waterways, 5300 metres of shore front and a marina with more than 1500 private yacht moors. The cost of constructing it is US$ 3.5 billion and it's being built by a section of Kuwait-based Investment Dar and was the brain child of Australian-based Woods Bagot. The construction is expected to be completed by 2012.

Oqyana will include an artistic centre for performing arts, a meeting centre, spare time amenities, restaurants, coffee bar and island lifestyle detailed retail. OQYANA World First is bounded by sea, a field fixed against the spectacular Dubai skyline. The islands were chosen as they are one of the neighboring groups of islands to Dubai, and also give the best view of the city.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dubai Islands - Community Developments – The Palm Jebel Ali

Dubai Islands - Community Developments – The Palm Jebel Ali

From the three massive Palm Island developments, the Palm Jebel Ali is the second largest, 50% larger than Palm Jumeirah, but much smaller than the newest Palm Deira Island. Heavily inclined towards residential property and luxury tourism, the real estate developments on the Palm Jebel Ali includes six marinas, a water theme park, water homes built on stilts and a 'Sea Village.'

Among these impressive constructions, the 1060 water homes have gained a lot of curious interest, because they are built on stilts above the water and, when looked at from an aerial perspective, form an Arabic verse written by the Ruler of Dubai. The luxurious water homes are spread across a 12km chain between the Palm's Fronds and Crescent. Built to be recognized as retreat homes, these water homes will have concrete foundation poles and wooden structures. Each home will be of 3875 square feet, consisting of 4 bedrooms, and located approximately 8 to 10 metres above the water level. A common parking area and private moorings for personal boats are also available along the boardwalk.

The Palm Jebel Ali's
Trunk will house a Sea Village, spanning 2.4 kilometres in length and 450 metres in width. The Sea Village is a bona fide sea aquarium, with killer whales and other deep-sea wildlife for the public to enjoy. It's expected to be a hit among the young and old tourist alike and has eight hotels of eight-story height located in the vicinity.
Killer Whale - Palm Jebel Ali - Dubai

The Crescent (15.5km in length) forms the island's breakwater. The Palm Jebel Ali Crescent has a few residential properties, but is mostly a community for boutique hotels, resorts and exclusive marinas. As a whole, the Palm Jebel Ali development will include 200 Signature Villas, Garden Home and Town Homes, as well as 1060 Water Homes and numerous luxury apartment buildings.