Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dubai Islands - Community Developments – The Palm Jebel Ali

Dubai Islands - Community Developments – The Palm Jebel Ali

From the three massive Palm Island developments, the Palm Jebel Ali is the second largest, 50% larger than Palm Jumeirah, but much smaller than the newest Palm Deira Island. Heavily inclined towards residential property and luxury tourism, the real estate developments on the Palm Jebel Ali includes six marinas, a water theme park, water homes built on stilts and a 'Sea Village.'

Among these impressive constructions, the 1060 water homes have gained a lot of curious interest, because they are built on stilts above the water and, when looked at from an aerial perspective, form an Arabic verse written by the Ruler of Dubai. The luxurious water homes are spread across a 12km chain between the Palm's Fronds and Crescent. Built to be recognized as retreat homes, these water homes will have concrete foundation poles and wooden structures. Each home will be of 3875 square feet, consisting of 4 bedrooms, and located approximately 8 to 10 metres above the water level. A common parking area and private moorings for personal boats are also available along the boardwalk.

The Palm Jebel Ali's
Trunk will house a Sea Village, spanning 2.4 kilometres in length and 450 metres in width. The Sea Village is a bona fide sea aquarium, with killer whales and other deep-sea wildlife for the public to enjoy. It's expected to be a hit among the young and old tourist alike and has eight hotels of eight-story height located in the vicinity.
Killer Whale - Palm Jebel Ali - Dubai

The Crescent (15.5km in length) forms the island's breakwater. The Palm Jebel Ali Crescent has a few residential properties, but is mostly a community for boutique hotels, resorts and exclusive marinas. As a whole, the Palm Jebel Ali development will include 200 Signature Villas, Garden Home and Town Homes, as well as 1060 Water Homes and numerous luxury apartment buildings.

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