Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dubai Islands - Themes & Dreams – The World

Dubai Islands - Themes & Dreams – The World

The World development on Dubai's ocean has peaked a lot of interest from investors and developers alike and with the development's completion in early 2008, the islands of The World are now ready to be developed into anything a particular buyer wishes it to be. Over 50% of the archipelago's islands are sold out at the moment, with more sales within vicinity.

The majority of buyers are corporate developers and world-renowned figures, who intend to develop these private islands into their own sanctuaries in a multitude of ways. However, the general consensus is, the islands will retain their original intended themes, while still adhering to the owners' wishes.

The mega project's master developer, Nakheel, has claimed that there'll be a balance between how private owners and commercial investors 'redo' their islands and how they keep the original idea intact as well. Possible commercial ventures include themed islands, such as a tropical rain forest eco-island, a history resort with a medieval castle and a culinary island for presenting international cuisine.
There are confirmed reports of several themed developments on The World islands. Irish business consortium Larionovo is reported to be developing the Ireland section into an Irish-themed resort, including a number of apartments, villas and luxury leisure facilities. It's also expected to have a recreation of Northern Ireland's Giants Causeway. An island on the Antarctica region will be developed by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre as a 6000 square metre pearling and marine entertainment centre.

In April 2008, the Salya Corporation purchased Finland and Brunei for US$218 million, with the aim of further developing the islands into fashion-themed resorts based on FTV concepts. A Fashion TV resort will be built in Brunei, while Finland will be developed into the FTV Palace, a fashion community. An Irish group of investors led by John O'Dolan has purchased the England region in September 2008, although the exact development plans are not confirmed yet.

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