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Dubai Islands - Jasmine Gardens – The World

Dubai Islands - Jasmine Gardens – The World

The 5 star residential island resort, the Jasmine Garden, will be built on the Thailand island of The World and reflect the inspiration of customary Thai architecture. The resort will have 9 seashore villas, 10 water villas, 56 studio suites, and 56 one-bedroom attic units.

Breathtaking sea views with luxurious modern Thai style comprise the Jasmine Garden. The resort constitutes studio suites, one bedroom semidetached loft suites and four bedroom water villas. Beach villas take pleasure in a private beach at the same time the water villas have their own private wharfing capability. The building complex itself is set among beautiful Thai gardens with cascading water texture, lagoons and attractive beaches.

Richly selected, all properties of the Jasmine Garden have spacious accommodation decorated with conventional Thai trappings, including natural stone floors, teak decks, bamboo screens and high arched ceilings. Properties include the Intelligent Home System, 5 star interior furniture and equipment, private gardens and direct wireless contact, as well as a caretaker.

In the middle of the Jasmine Garden resort is the world class spa spread over an area of 2000 m². It is scattered over two floors and amenities include dual treatment rooms, a perpetuity pool, saunas, dive pools and a respite area dominating the sea. Qualified and trained staff render a diversity of conventional Thai interventions, kneads and medical care.

The World Islands are a gathering of artificial islands formed on the Dubai coast. It will have 300 small private non-natural islands alienated into 4 classes that are private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and community islands. Each island will be between 250-900 thousand square feet in size, with 50 to 100 metres of water amid each island. It will wrap a total area of 9 kilometres in length and 6 kilometres in width. An elliptical breakwater will encircle the main island development. The means of transportation between the islands will be by water or air.

Dubai Islands - Video Presentations

Dubai Islands presents Video Presentations of Amazing Dubai Islands. Enjoy the Videos!
The World Islands Dubai

Dubai in Year 2009

Palm Jebel Ali - Dubai
Palm Jebel Ali is the second palm island in Dubai.

The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

Dubai Islands - Aquitainia – The World

Dubai Islands - Aquitainia – The World

Jointly developed by Select Property & Select Group, Aquitainia is a paradisaical private island development within the major Dubai real estate project, The World. Located f our kilometres off the Dubai coastline, the Aquitainia projects encompasses the France and Spain sections of The World.
Aquitainia – The World - Dubai Palm Islands

The Aquitainia development consists of contemporary luxurious residential property, as well as a boutique hotel, spa, marinas and delightful restaurants. Promoted as a destination of limitless beauty, the development takes its name from the 'galia aquitaine' of the middle ages (sandy beach region between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees). The primary objective of the development is to deliver unique island residences for discerning buyers. All of the residences are designed to provide scenic views of the Gulf and are complemented with modern architecture and the finest finishings.
The main St Tropez Marina offers boardwalk cafes and a multitude of dining and entertainment options.
L'Amour de la France
Aquitainia's development akin to France is one of magnificent vogue, contemporary character and ultra luxurious. A laid-back atmosphere contributes to the beckoning of the impressive suites and villas. There are two types of villas in the 'France' island, all of which are located along the beach front surrounding most of the island. The main Marina is available in the St.Tropez area.

Dubai World Map - Click to Enlarge

The Cannes Beach Villas are built right on the beach, while the Monaco Villas are slightly further down from the dazzling sea waters. Surrounding the main marina, more residential property is available through the St Tropez suites. A series of walkways and streets are interwoven among the residential areas, providing a truly Mediterranean style to the overall architecture.

La Pasión de España
The 'Spain' development lies smack in the middle of an ocean surrounded by the West Africa, Northern parts of South America and Eastern United States developments, optimizing the potential for residents and visitors to enjoy the shorelines. Since The World project is highly vast and sophisticated, it is not strictly accurate in terms of geography, enhancing the shorelines and island areas according to the developers conceptualisation.

Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella provide a cosmopolitan ambiance, with one and two bedroom luxury suites and three bedroom penthouses as residential property.

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Dubai Islands - Palm Jumeirah – Luxury Hotels

Dubai Islands - Palm Jumeirah – Luxury Hotels

Your dream vacation spot can be the western portion of The Palm's Trunk. First, there's the unmatched 5-star Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort which renders tourists and visitors an interesting spot for an ambitious vacation. With total landscape gardening and attentive service, the 400 room hotel is encircled by attractively preserved environs. The comforts and leisure of the visitors or the residents are given the highest priority.
Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort

The conspicuous showpiece of the island is The Trump International Hotel & Tower, Palm Jumeirah. It is a 60 floor assorted comfort hotel and inhabited building ordained to become a milestone symbol in Dubai’s skyline. The building constitutes a 368 room condo hotel and 388 freehold housing flats. A spectacular sky porch, a split-connected tower and a novel open hub design are the most vital features of the development.
The Trump International Hotel - Dubai

In the midst of the magnificence of Palm Jumeirah dwells the Jumeirah Al Fattan Palm Resort. This retirement centre of unadulterated tranquil and pleasure resides in a desired spot on the right tip of The Crescent.
Al Fattan Palm Resort - Dubai

The Burj Al Arab in the background forms fantastic scenery. Incorporating a 6 floor, 5-star hangout hotel, detached residences and serviced flats, spa retreat, marina and beach club, the total project has been planned in a graceful flora shape to keep up with the unique spirit of Palm Jumeirah.
The Burj Al Arab - Dubai

Intended to unfold in 2009, Kempinski Hotel Emerald Palace is going to be a 5 star resort hotel. It will be set in an area of almost 100,000 square metres situated on The Crescent. The twin, 7 floor ,typically styled buildings will be in the form of a European palace with Arabic facts and located within carefully landscaped gardens.
Kempinski Hotel Emerald Palace - Dubai

Kempinski Hotel Emerald Palace - Dubai

With 293 hotel rooms and over 400 condominium apartments, The Royal Amwaj on The Crescent has expensive generosity and a variety of on-site facilities. This 5 star resort is to be operated y Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts.
The Royal Amwaj - Dubai

Atlantis Palm Jumeirah is situated at the zenith of Palm Jumeirah which is just about 5 minutes from The Village Centre which is at the tip of The Trunk. This is a 1539 room, ocean-themed setting to the resort.
Atlantis Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

The Royal Towers and the Bridge Suite located on upper levels will be featured by the distinctive property.
Atlantis Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is a mix of shameless lavishness with a serene sense of synchronisation. Based on the palaces of Rajasthan, the Taj Exotica is luminously designed to emphasise the raw beauty of Palm Jumeirah. The posh, 5 star hotel renders a host of world class amenities with 232 rooms, and the internationally famous Jiva Spa, which incidentally will be the biggest spa in the Middle East.

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Dubai Islands - The Nine Islands – Palm Deira

The Nine Islands – Palm Deira

The Palm Island developments have gained international attention over the past seven to eight years, with the Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and now The Palm Deira coming into the limelight as projects to increase Dubai's shoreline. Over time, these developments have become more popular as prime property locations, selling units for a minimum of $15 million. The Palm Deira is a mixed-use development, offering commercial, residential, retail and convenience property to a wide range of investors and end-buyers. It's developed to consist of nine main islands.

Deira Island Front
The Deira Island Front stands as the gateway between the Dubai mainland and Palm Deira. The island development offers a bustling mixed-use district with pedestrian boulevards, waterfront promenades, beach access and a range of leisure facilities

Deira Island Mamzar
An exclusive residential community will be the focus of Deira Island Mamzar. A private marina will provide facilities for the residents.

Deira Island North
A breathtaking stretch of water-navigable land, the Deira Island North comprises two full-size marinas and a massive scale leisure development, offering a large array of aquatic activities and amenities for luxurious waterfront living.

Deira Island South
The Deira Island South is a central business district, with commercial buildings connected via internal canals.

Deira Island Central
The central island is a massive transportation hub, with dhow wharfs, a shipyard and marina. Streamlined transition between residential and commercial buildings within the island is provided through a carefully planned canal.

Palm Crown
Luxurious lifestyle residences is the name of the game at the Palm Crown, located at the very edge of the Palm Deira development.

Palm Fronds
Ideally suited for residential living, the Palm Fronds provide a range of villas and apartments built according to varied architectural styles. All are waterfront facilities.

Palm Crescent
Low-rise residential properties located along the lovely sandy beaches are heavily complemented by community living facilities, parks, open spaces and breathtaking views at the Palm Crescent.

Deira Island Trunk
The Palm Deira's Trunk is home to an iconic commercial tower and a busy business district surrounding it. A highly desirable corporate address, the commercial tower and business district are connected to the neighboring islands via large, architecturally designed bridges.

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Dubai Islands - An Introduction to The World

Dubai Islands - An Introduction to The World

The World Islands, sometimes incorrectly cited as the Palm World or Globe Islands, are an assortment of artificial islands formed into the continents of the world. These man-made islands are situated off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It will comprise of 300 little private artificial islands separated into 4 classes of private homes, estate homes, dream resorts and community islands.
The World Islands - Dubai

The World islands are situated 4 kilometres off the shore of Jumeirah and near the Palm Jumeirah amid Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid at roughly 25°13 North and 55°10 east. It is a US$ 6.6 billion project covering a total area of 9 kilometres in length and 6 kilometres in width. It will be encircled by an egg-shaped seawall. The only means of conveyance between the islands is by water or air. The boat transportation from the terra firma will be from the Umm Suqeim and Jumeirah fishing seaports.
Every island of The World will be from 250 to 900 thousand square feet in size, with 50 to 100 metres of water between every island. Each island will be traded to chosen private creators and are anticipated to sell at a starting price of 25 million AED.

Oqyana-World Islands - Dubai
Oqyana will include 19 islands of The World and will cover the islands of Australasia. This is one of the earliest development plans for The World.

Perseus Resort and Spa
The two islands of Rostov and Orenburg which are regions in Russia, and which form part of the Euro-Asia division of The World, will be engaged by the restricted island-founded spa hotel and abode development. Rostov will have 44 villas with private beaches/pools, and Orenburg will have 220 one, two and three bedroom flats with sea or marina views. The Greek Mediterranean Island style of architecture will be followed and these are bought by Dubai-based Perseus Property Management Ltd.

Jasmine Gardens
The 5-star housing island hangouts will have the Thailand island of The World and be planned with the insight of conventional Thai architecture. It will have 56 studio and 1-bedroom suites as well as 4-bedroom stilt houses and beach villas.

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Island Types, Current Investors & More – The World - Dubai

Dubai Islands presents Island Types, Current Investors & More – The World

The World development, by Dubai-based major real estate developer Nakheel, consists of 300 artificially constructed islands making up a 300,000 square foot archipelago on the Gulf Ocean. The islands are located 100 metres apart from each other.
Dubai World Islands

The entire development is for mixed-use, but with separated regions for a variety of purposes. With several island types, the project offers more potential for investors, developers and end-users. The island types available at The World development includes low density, mid to high density, resort and commercial islands.
Dubai World - The Making

The low density islands are located on the master planned development's circumference, offering privacy and access for large vessels. Ideal residential, mixed use communities, commercial and retail developments for family living are the focus of the mid to high density islands. The resort islands are dedicated for the best hotel and resort developments, based around the marinas for a variety of holidaying options. A group of retail outlets, dining options and leisure facilities are offered at the commercial islands. All of the islands are accessible through a series of canals and ships up to 200 feet in height can navigate these canals.
Dubai World Oasis

The year 2008 has seen the beginning of construction on some of The World's islands and 90% of the land has already been reclaimed. Over 50% of The World development is already sold out, with celebrities, corporate tycoons and sub-developers investing heavily on this man-made marvel.
Amazing Dubai World Island

The first developed island, located in the mini Arctic, was gifted by Sheikh Mohammed to seven-time Formula One winner Micheal Schumacher in October 2006. Many world sports icons and Hollywood stars are rumored to be owners of several other islands, although most of it's speculation and not yet confirmed by the main developers. In October 2007, the Shanghai Island was bought by Chinese businessman, Bin Hu, for $28 million and he is expected to place a bid for the remaining five representations of China, including Macao, Huainan, Beijing, Nanjing and Hong Kong.

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Dubai Islands - Residential Developments – Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Islands - Residential Developments – Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is the very first island in a series of three palm tree-shaped developments to increase Dubai's shoreline. While it contains hundreds of residential, commercial and resort property, the Trunk and Fronds are dedicated to residential property, including a range of apartment complexes, villas, townhouses and community conveniences.

The Fairmont Palm Residence
Offering 558 deluxe apartments, townhouses and penthouses, the Fairmont Palm Residence is an upscale residential development located in the center of Palm Jumeirah. Sophisticated cafes, stylish boutiques and scenic waterfront walkways are all part of the exquisite array of features at the Fairmont Palm Residence.
The Fairmont Palm Residence - Dubai

The Golden Mile

Set amidst Dubai's ultimate shopping experience, the 10 waterfront residential buildings along the Golden Mile are luxurious and elegant, offering the best possible lifestyle for everyone living in the community.
The Golden Mile - Dubai



Located within walking distance from the Luxury Retail Centre on the Palm Jumeirah island, Oceana is an upscale residential address for luxury living. Panoramic views of the gardens, beach and marina are complemented by a waterside running track, promenade, landscaped recreational area, modern gymnasium, sauna, steam room, outdoor pool, children's pool and play area. The high-tech private zone is a signature section at Oceana.
Oceana - Dubai

Shoreline Apartments
The east side of the Trunk contains 20 Shoreline Apartment buildings, featuring some of the best living spaces in the Middle East. Five exclusive beachfront clubhouses are also available for the residents to use, containing retail outlets, modern fitness centre, swimming pools, outdoor dining and direct access to the beach.
Shoreline Apartments - Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

Tiara Residence

The Tiara Residence is located on a secluded island on the Palm Jumeirah development, towards the top right side of the Trunk. Six luxury apartment towers and the luxury Palm Anantara Hotel, Resort & Spa make up the Tiara Residence. A private beach, landscaped tropical gardens and waterways are also included in the property.
Tiara Residence - Dubai

Besides the above listed properties located on the Trunk, the island's 17 fronds offer Signature Villas, Garden Homes and Canal Cove Townhomes, all provided with ultra-modern amenities and high-end luxury living designs.

Dubai Islands - The World – Major Developments

Dubai Islands - The World – Major Developments

From the time when the project started, much invalid gossip of celebrities who have bought, or are about to buy, islands have been spreading. While such arrogates are unproven, The World project has many established big developments on the cards.
Nakheel Group is formulating a resort under the name Coral Island. This Coral Island is made up of more than 20 islands and makes up the North American part of The World. The walk-up expansion will have a marina and hotel village inside.
Making of Dubai World Islands

Investment Dar is setting up the 2nd major established expansion by acquiring14 islands, which together make up Australia and New Zealand. The islands are being transformed into a resort named OQYANA.
The island of Ireland is planned to be developed into an Irish-themed resort by the Irish business group Larionovo. The projects will consist of a big internal marina, apartments and villas, a gym, hotel, and Irish-themed pub. In the month of July 2007, it was declared that Northern Ireland's renowned Giants Causeway would be a recreated n the development.
Amazing Dubai World Island

400,000 sq ft of island was procured by Cinnovation Group as part of a proposal worth $200 million USD. The project would consist of guest and housing villas and a cordial reception complex.
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre in a tie-up with Paspaley Pearling Corporation has plans to set up a 6000 square metres (65,000 sq ft) facility for pearling and aquatic amusement. It is to be instituted on an island in the Antarctica area of The World.

'Finland' and 'Brunei' islands in The World were bought by Salya Corporation in April 2008. The corporation has plans to develop the two islands into fashion-themed resorts. Salya corporation had to spend around Dh800 million and it has to spend an additional Dh2.4 billion to expand the islands.

Dubai Islands - The Coral Island Resort – The World

Dubai Islands - The Coral Island Resort – The World

Among the multifaceted project developments currently undergoing in The World archipelago in Dubai, the master developer has begun construction on a super-luxury resort on Coral Island, one of the 300 artificial islands created as part of the main development. The World is built on reclaimed land on sea and takes the shape of the world map. Coral Island is among the first areas to be developed on this massive scale Dubai real estate cum infrastructural development project. The Coral Island Resort spans 73 hectares and will cover 20 linked islands in the North American sector .
The Coral Island Resort - Dubai World Islands

The Coral Island Resort will consist of three primary elements, including a specialist spa hotel, residential community and marina village. The resort will be spanning across 9.5 kilometres of newly created beachfront. The target date for project completion is 2010.
The Centre Marina Village will be the highlight on the Coral Island Resort development, with fine dining options, premium retail outlets, modern marina facilities and luxurious leisure. A 150-room ultra-luxury hotel will be located at the marina village, presenting some of Dubai's largest hotel suites (approx 1000 square feet in size) with private swimming pools. Most of the buildings will be low-rise, with each building rising no more than 6 stories high.

The resort island sales began in 2008, as well as the pre-development property located all over The World. The master developer, Nakheel, launched The World project in 2003, with the aims of increasing Dubai's shoreline and attracting worldwide property investors to a giga scale project never attempted before. The main development of The World was completed in early 2008 and the project is now open for sales to investors, developers and direct buyers. Over 50% of the project is currently sold out.
The Coral Island Resort, once completed, will be a luxury holiday destination, with 300 beach villas, townhouses and water homes.

Dubai Islands Geographical Development – The World Islands

Dubai Islands presents Geographical Development – The World Islands

The World project in Dubai is redrawing the actual world map, adding 300 small islands into the Gulf Ocean and developing these man-made islands into luxury property holds meant for an exclusive clientèle. Each island ranges from five to twenty acres and is named after a country, region or major city. However, the archipelago does not rely heavily on boundaries, both in terms of politics and geography.
Dubai World

The World development's current status shows the American, European, African and Asian continents in a more broader perspective than just national borders and political pettiness. England is loosely subsumed into the UK, and so is Ireland, which is likely to raise a few eyebrows. The Middle East lacks Israel and Palestine, perhaps as a way of showing the widespread disapproval harbored by the rulers of the United Arab Emirates and most other Arab nations. Developers have reassured the geographically missing regions are not part of any deliberate motion to provoke any political issues.
Dubai World Construction

Although the geography is not exactly as we know it, this new 'World' will still consist of developments related to the specific region, country or city each of its named after. Investors are encouraged to follow this design pattern when they develop their sections of The World. There's a lot of creative freedom provided for the sub-developers, but the primary developer, Nakheel, believes keeping with the theme would be ideal. In other words, an investor who buys up Mexico would probably not be permitted to create a Chinese history themed project within the property.
Dubai World - Island Villa

Each island is sold for a price between $15 and $225 million (USD) and the high price range ensures these islands are only bought by the world's richest people. Some of the existing investors include F1 winner Micheal Schumacher, British stars Rod Stewart and David Beckham, celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as several corporate groups interested in developing the islands further.
Amazing Dubai World Island

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Palm Deira - Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands presents the Palm Deira

The Palm Deira is the biggest of the three Palm Islands situated on the Deira inshore arena of the emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The unequalled artificial palm-shaped island will consist of a stem, a crown with 41 leaves, and an encompassing crescent island which will be surrounded by a sea wall.
Palm Deira - Dubai

The Deira Palm Island was not originally planned to be formulated, but on October 2004, the proclamation of its expansion was published. The Palm Deira will continue for 14 kilometres lengthwise and 8.5 kilometres breadth-wise. It will have an area of 80 square kilometres. It will comprise of residences, marinas, shopping malls, sports facilities, and clubs. The inhabited area will be situated on the fronds and will be full of 8000 two-floor town houses in three distinct styles. They are Premier Villas, Grand Villas and Vista Town Homes. It is anticipated to be completed by 2015.
Palm Deira Construction - Dubai

This island is 8 times bigger than the Palm Jumeirah, and 5 times bigger than the Palm Jebel Ali. In the beginning, the design was planned for a 14km by 8.5km island with 41 fronds. Owing to a considerable alteration in the ocean depth of the Persian Gulf, the island was restyled in May 2007. The design then turned into a 12.5km by 7.5km island with 18 bigger fronds.
Palm Deira Model - Dubai

By beginning of October 2007, 20% of the island's reclamation was accomplished, with a total of 200 million cubic metres of sand used by now. Then in early April 2008, Nakheel declared that more than one-fourth of the total area of the Palm Deira had been reclaimed. This totaled to 300 million cubic metres of sand. As the island is so big, it is being evolved in various phases.
Palm Deira Apartment Model - Dubai

The first one is the formation of Deira Island. This bit of the Palm will be beside the Deira Corniche, sandwiched between the entrance to Dubai Creek and Al Hamriya Port. Deira Island will be "the gateway to The Palm Deira"and aid to regenerate the ripening area of Deira. By the beginning of April 2008, 80% of Deira Island Front's reclamation was finished.

Palm Jebel Ali - Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands presents Palm Jebel Ali

The Palm Jebel Ali, anticipated to be the dwelling for 1.7 million people by the year 2020, is expected to be developed for inhabitation by the year 2008. The Palm Jebel Ali is the medium sized island of the three Palm Islands and is anticipated to be completed fully by the year 2015. Dubai's sightseeing division will depend a great deal on these Dubai Palm Islands for its income as soon as they are complete.
Palm Jebel Ali - Dubai

It is situated on the Jebel Ali seaward area of the emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The exclusive artificial pal-shaped island will comprise of a trunk, a crown with 17 frond, and a surrounding crescent island that will figure a sea wall.
The Jebel Ali Palm is an amusement destination for both adults and children. The island is supposedly 50% bigger than the Palm Jumeirah and is to comprise of six marinas, a 'Sea Village', a water theme park and water dwellings constructed on stilts amid the fronds and the crescent. Construction started on the Palm Jebel Ali Island in October 2002.
Palm Jebel Ali - Dubai

The Palm Jebel Ali is the 2nd project of the three proposes to be completed by Nakheel. The properties on the Palm are extravagant garden villas and quiet villas with private swimming pools and individual beaches.
Palm Jebel Ali Villas - Dubai

The choice of flats, apartments and town homes on the trunk will extend outside the pilot Palm, and have select sub-evolutions. The latest addition to the selection in the Jebel Ali Palm is the growth of water homes. These exceptional properties will be established on stilts and will be set out all around the Arabian Sea. This would give a truly exceptional living experience.
Palm Jebel Ali Golf Course - Dubai

The placement of the Palm Jebel Ali will be a trifle farther from the city and in the heart of Jebel Ali. It will be situated close to other freehold properties, with the purpose of intensifying the city even more.

Palm Jumeirah - Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands presents Palm Jumeirah

A crown with 17 fronds and a circumventing 11 kilometre seawall makes up the Palm Jumeirah. The dimension of this artificial island is 5km by x 5km. Around 4000 new houses will be created within a period of 3-4 years in this artificial island. It will also add an extra 78 kilometres to Dubai's shoreline. As a matter of fact, the inhabitants began occupying their Palm Jumeirah homes by the end of 2006, exactly 5 years after the dredging in the area had commenced.
Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is a project which was instituted in 2001. The Palm Jumeirah Island was artificially formed in the shape of a cultural icon and it enhanced Dubai’s seashore by 100%. The island has world class hotels, homes, retail, leisure and entertainment. All of them are grounded by the Trump International Hotel and Tower, which is presently under construction.
Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

The Trunk, which is a 2km long energetic living, retail and tourism target, is the centre of Palm Jumeirah. Linked to the terra firma Dubai via The Gateway Bridge and Monorail, The Trunk has a diverse assortment of expensive mansions, hotels, marinas, shops and restaurants. The Fairmont Palm Residence, The Golden Mile, Marina Residences, Trump International Hotel & Tower, IGY Anchor Monorail, Marina, Oceana, Shoreline Apartments the Park and Tiara Residences are situated on The Trunk.
Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

The 17 fronds are dwelling to many residents, who will take pleasure in exceptional beachfront living in beyond-belief backdrops with spectacular water views, and right of entry to the Sub-sea channel and Monorail. Monorail, and the Villas, Sub-Sea Tunnel, and Garden Homes are the features which are located on The Fronds.
Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

The 11 kilometre hemisphere that fences the island not only renders a beautiful seawall to The Trunk and The Fronds, but also renders a world class tourism depot in its own right. Housing some of the world’s best hotels and resorts, including the Atlantis and Kempinski Hotel Emerald Palace, The Crescent hopes to have thousands of holidaymakers a year arriving to get a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The Crescent consists of Jumeirah Al Fattan Palm Resort, The Grandeur Residences, Kempinski Hotel Emerald Palace Dubai, Kingdom of Sheba, Atlantis - Palm Jumeirah, Royal Amwaj, The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Monorail and Sub-Sea Tunnel.
Emerald Palace - Palm Jumeirah - Dubai