Friday, September 26, 2008

Dubai Islands - The Nine Islands – Palm Deira

The Nine Islands – Palm Deira

The Palm Island developments have gained international attention over the past seven to eight years, with the Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and now The Palm Deira coming into the limelight as projects to increase Dubai's shoreline. Over time, these developments have become more popular as prime property locations, selling units for a minimum of $15 million. The Palm Deira is a mixed-use development, offering commercial, residential, retail and convenience property to a wide range of investors and end-buyers. It's developed to consist of nine main islands.

Deira Island Front
The Deira Island Front stands as the gateway between the Dubai mainland and Palm Deira. The island development offers a bustling mixed-use district with pedestrian boulevards, waterfront promenades, beach access and a range of leisure facilities

Deira Island Mamzar
An exclusive residential community will be the focus of Deira Island Mamzar. A private marina will provide facilities for the residents.

Deira Island North
A breathtaking stretch of water-navigable land, the Deira Island North comprises two full-size marinas and a massive scale leisure development, offering a large array of aquatic activities and amenities for luxurious waterfront living.

Deira Island South
The Deira Island South is a central business district, with commercial buildings connected via internal canals.

Deira Island Central
The central island is a massive transportation hub, with dhow wharfs, a shipyard and marina. Streamlined transition between residential and commercial buildings within the island is provided through a carefully planned canal.

Palm Crown
Luxurious lifestyle residences is the name of the game at the Palm Crown, located at the very edge of the Palm Deira development.

Palm Fronds
Ideally suited for residential living, the Palm Fronds provide a range of villas and apartments built according to varied architectural styles. All are waterfront facilities.

Palm Crescent
Low-rise residential properties located along the lovely sandy beaches are heavily complemented by community living facilities, parks, open spaces and breathtaking views at the Palm Crescent.

Deira Island Trunk
The Palm Deira's Trunk is home to an iconic commercial tower and a busy business district surrounding it. A highly desirable corporate address, the commercial tower and business district are connected to the neighboring islands via large, architecturally designed bridges.

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