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An Introduction to Dubai Palm Islands

Dubai Islands presents An Introduction to Dubai Palm Islands

Dubai's Palm Islands are the world's biggest artificial island clusters. They are sometimes known as the eighth wonder of the world. These are positioned at 3 diverse places across Dubai's coast. They are Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Deira.
Dubai Palms

These islands, better known as The Palm Dubai or Dubai Palm, are covered with rocks and sand up to a 10 metre bottomless seabed. Sand required to lay these locates is found by dredging the nearby sea. The Belgian dredging firm Jan De Nul and its Dutch complement Van Oord are monitoring the entire procedure.
Palm Jumeirah

Works at Jumeirah and Jebel Ali are at an advanced stage and in the Deira section, it has picked up in early 2008.
Palm Jumeirah

Dredging ships thrust sand in an area, and this is determined by the ordinates of Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS). This procedure is known as rain-bowing. The name is thus given because an arc is formed when sand is strewn here and there.
Jebel Ali

Each Dubai Palm has a breakwater built at its border, which furnishes a severance from the muddy seawaters. These seawalls are built by placing quite a lot of levels of rocks over the ocean floor by watercrafts. The Jumeirah Palm itself called for an astonishing 7 million tons of rocks to build its sea wall.
Palm - Jebel Ali

Every Dubai Palm Island is intended to portray a date palm tree, with a stem, a crown and quite a few fronds. The hemispherical islands at the fringe are allotted to play the role of sea walls. The building of the Palm Jebel Ali started by Jan De Nul in 2002 and was finished by the end of 2006. It needed a 4 km elongated neck of land to be constructed, enclosed by a 200m wide and a 17 km long bulwark. Around 135,000,000 m³ of rock, sand and limestone were required to reclaim this island and around 5,000,000 m³ of rocks were required for expanding the slope.
Deira Palm

Dubai Palm islands are sure to enhance Dubai's scoastline distance by an extra 520 km. It will horde water idea parks, extravagance hotels, shopping malls, independent villas, equipped beach flats, health spas and related amenities. Sheikh Maktoum's dream was to see Dubai develop in free trade and sightseeing, and these islands were conceptualised with this idea. The major UAE property developer, Nakheel Properties, is monitoring the developmental process of this massive scale project.

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