Monday, September 22, 2008

Dubai Islands Geographical Development – The World Islands

Dubai Islands presents Geographical Development – The World Islands

The World project in Dubai is redrawing the actual world map, adding 300 small islands into the Gulf Ocean and developing these man-made islands into luxury property holds meant for an exclusive clientèle. Each island ranges from five to twenty acres and is named after a country, region or major city. However, the archipelago does not rely heavily on boundaries, both in terms of politics and geography.
Dubai World

The World development's current status shows the American, European, African and Asian continents in a more broader perspective than just national borders and political pettiness. England is loosely subsumed into the UK, and so is Ireland, which is likely to raise a few eyebrows. The Middle East lacks Israel and Palestine, perhaps as a way of showing the widespread disapproval harbored by the rulers of the United Arab Emirates and most other Arab nations. Developers have reassured the geographically missing regions are not part of any deliberate motion to provoke any political issues.
Dubai World Construction

Although the geography is not exactly as we know it, this new 'World' will still consist of developments related to the specific region, country or city each of its named after. Investors are encouraged to follow this design pattern when they develop their sections of The World. There's a lot of creative freedom provided for the sub-developers, but the primary developer, Nakheel, believes keeping with the theme would be ideal. In other words, an investor who buys up Mexico would probably not be permitted to create a Chinese history themed project within the property.
Dubai World - Island Villa

Each island is sold for a price between $15 and $225 million (USD) and the high price range ensures these islands are only bought by the world's richest people. Some of the existing investors include F1 winner Micheal Schumacher, British stars Rod Stewart and David Beckham, celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as several corporate groups interested in developing the islands further.
Amazing Dubai World Island

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