Monday, September 22, 2008

Dubai Islands - The World – Major Developments

Dubai Islands - The World – Major Developments

From the time when the project started, much invalid gossip of celebrities who have bought, or are about to buy, islands have been spreading. While such arrogates are unproven, The World project has many established big developments on the cards.
Nakheel Group is formulating a resort under the name Coral Island. This Coral Island is made up of more than 20 islands and makes up the North American part of The World. The walk-up expansion will have a marina and hotel village inside.
Making of Dubai World Islands

Investment Dar is setting up the 2nd major established expansion by acquiring14 islands, which together make up Australia and New Zealand. The islands are being transformed into a resort named OQYANA.
The island of Ireland is planned to be developed into an Irish-themed resort by the Irish business group Larionovo. The projects will consist of a big internal marina, apartments and villas, a gym, hotel, and Irish-themed pub. In the month of July 2007, it was declared that Northern Ireland's renowned Giants Causeway would be a recreated n the development.
Amazing Dubai World Island

400,000 sq ft of island was procured by Cinnovation Group as part of a proposal worth $200 million USD. The project would consist of guest and housing villas and a cordial reception complex.
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre in a tie-up with Paspaley Pearling Corporation has plans to set up a 6000 square metres (65,000 sq ft) facility for pearling and aquatic amusement. It is to be instituted on an island in the Antarctica area of The World.

'Finland' and 'Brunei' islands in The World were bought by Salya Corporation in April 2008. The corporation has plans to develop the two islands into fashion-themed resorts. Salya corporation had to spend around Dh800 million and it has to spend an additional Dh2.4 billion to expand the islands.

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