Monday, September 22, 2008

Dubai Islands - The Coral Island Resort – The World

Dubai Islands - The Coral Island Resort – The World

Among the multifaceted project developments currently undergoing in The World archipelago in Dubai, the master developer has begun construction on a super-luxury resort on Coral Island, one of the 300 artificial islands created as part of the main development. The World is built on reclaimed land on sea and takes the shape of the world map. Coral Island is among the first areas to be developed on this massive scale Dubai real estate cum infrastructural development project. The Coral Island Resort spans 73 hectares and will cover 20 linked islands in the North American sector .
The Coral Island Resort - Dubai World Islands

The Coral Island Resort will consist of three primary elements, including a specialist spa hotel, residential community and marina village. The resort will be spanning across 9.5 kilometres of newly created beachfront. The target date for project completion is 2010.
The Centre Marina Village will be the highlight on the Coral Island Resort development, with fine dining options, premium retail outlets, modern marina facilities and luxurious leisure. A 150-room ultra-luxury hotel will be located at the marina village, presenting some of Dubai's largest hotel suites (approx 1000 square feet in size) with private swimming pools. Most of the buildings will be low-rise, with each building rising no more than 6 stories high.

The resort island sales began in 2008, as well as the pre-development property located all over The World. The master developer, Nakheel, launched The World project in 2003, with the aims of increasing Dubai's shoreline and attracting worldwide property investors to a giga scale project never attempted before. The main development of The World was completed in early 2008 and the project is now open for sales to investors, developers and direct buyers. Over 50% of the project is currently sold out.
The Coral Island Resort, once completed, will be a luxury holiday destination, with 300 beach villas, townhouses and water homes.

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