Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dubai Islands - Palm Deira Progress

The Steady Progress of Palm Deira, Dubai

Palm Deira, the largest among the three Palm Island projects, is the newcomer with great expectations. The island's construction was begun in 2005, several years after the two other palm islands were initiated. The Palm Deira was not in the original master plan and was added in 2004 because the Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali could not meet the demands of property buyers.

Located on the outer coastal area of the highly residential Deira district in Dubai, the Palm Deira is eight times larger than the original palm island, Palm Jumeirah. Instead of the usual 17 fronds, this development was to have 41, creating a massive land area for various purposes. But, after a substantial alteration in sea levels during mid 2007, the design was redone, leaving just 18 very large fronds in substitution.

The Palm Deira is scheduled for completion in 2015, but 2020 would be a more accurate estimate, because of the existing market conditions and slight decline in the Dubai real estate development sector. According to some experts, minor developments and adjustments will continue until around 2040, although a majority of the residential and commercial complexes will be ready for handover by 2015. Several infrastructural aspects of the Palm Deira project are already complete, including a bridge linking the mainland and the island.

Since the island is gigantic in terms of development, it will be completed in nine phases. Referred to as the Nine Islands, these phases will focus on developing smaller sections of the palm and handing over such completed sections to buyers. This method will eliminate unnecessary delays and buyer impatience.

The nine island phases are Deira Island; Front, Mamzar, North, South, Central and Trunk, as well as the Palm;Crown, Fronds and Crescent. Deira Island Front acts as the portal between mainland Dubai and the island. Luxurious residences, large marinas, massive scale recreational facilities, a central business district, dhow wharfs, shipyards and many other sophisticated residential and commercial amenities are available on the Palm Deira island.

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