Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recreating the Geography of the World – The World Islands In Dubai

Recreating the Geography of the World – The World Islands In Dubai

Creating the world we live in was once the inclusive realm of nature, which made sure continents, islands, seas and everything else was formed over millenniums of geographical reactions. But today, it's no longer in Mother Nature's hands, because of projects like The World Islands and Palm Islands in Dubai. Among the world's two largest land reclamation projects (other being the Dubai Palm Islands), The Dubai World Islands project is a rough replica of the actual world geographical map.

Comprising 300 private and exclusive artificially created islands, the World is divided into four main classifications, which depict what can be built in the specific islands. They are private homes, estate home, dream resorts and community islands. Located four kilometres off Jumeirah shore, within easy reaching distance from the Palm Jumeirah, the World islands development can be seen from the Burj Al Arab hotel and Port Rashid. The completed project will span across 54 square kilometres. The Dubai World islands will only be accessible via sea and air transport.

Each of the 300 private islands span 250,000 to 900,000 square feet and has approximately 50 to 100 metres of sea between them. To be sold exclusively to private developers, the islands are priced at US$ 15 million and above. Since the World islands are built to fit continental themes (Asia, Africa, Europe etc), the master developers expect private developers to follow the same themes, although it's not strictly enforced. As such, the area which is Thailand in the original world map is named the Jasmine Gardens and is developed as a resort with a distinctively oriental theme. Australia of the new World consists of 19 islands and is named the Oqyana, which is also a resort.

Several Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, as well as some of the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs, have already purchased private islands at the Dubai World. While most of the names are kept confidential, it's rumoured that Brangelina, Rod Stewart, David Beckham and Shah Rukh Khan have invested in the islands. The confirmed developments at present are mostly belonging to those of business world tycoons, such as John O'Dolan, Larionovo and Salya Corporation.

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