Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Real Estate Sector Jobs In Dubai

Real Estate Sector Jobs In Dubai

Dubai real estate gained international attention in around early 2002, when freehold property sales became an instant sensation in the market. Unlike the previous property laws stipulating only local citizens can own Dubai property, a decree was issued by the ruler to allow foreigners to own property in Dubai.

With this new law, Dubai saw a massive real estate boom, building freehold property from end to end in a variety of designated areas in Dubai. This led to an expansion in the construction sector as well. A large number of Dubai-based real estate companies sprang up within the next two years, creating thousands of job opportunities for people seeking Dubai real estate sector jobs.

Today, the Dubai real estate sector employs over 40,000 people, in a wide range of job positions, such as consultants, marketing and sales personnel, customer service agents, evaluators, surveyors, brokers, architects, structural engineers and interior designers. On any given day, hundreds of Dubai real estate job vacancies can be found in local newspapers and recruitment websites.

Despite the recent economic slump, Dubai real estate continues to prosper, although there are some delays in new development projects and difficulties in securing financing for new purchases, resulting in job cuts where the workforce is redundant. Overall, Dubai real estate sector jobs are relatively secure, especially in comparison to jobs in the automotive, aviation and insurance industries. Those involved in architecture, structural engineering, interior designing and property modelling have a good chance of finding new real estate jobs in Dubai.

In terms of the global recession, Dubai is still to feel the pinch in all its extent. The government supported projects are going ahead with just a few delays, completed property is currently being sold and the minor setbacks are to be solved within the next year. Dubai real estate jobs are a good choice if you are seeking to earn a relatively high salary, but they are best for the hard working and dedicated persons.

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