Friday, February 4, 2011

Dubai Employment Visa Information

Dubai Employment Visa Information

It's no secret that jobs in Dubai provide many expatriates a way of making a very good income, while acquiring international experience and learning to live harmoniously in a multicultural environment. Since nearly 90% of the population in Dubai comprises expatriates, Dubai jobs are offered in a multifarious atmosphere, which provides a wonderful platform for building bridges between cultures, languages, religions and races. All employees are protected by the Ministry of Labour, as long as they fit under specified criteria and follow rules and regulations.

There's no permanent residency or citizenship offers to expatriates in Dubai. Locals, who are referred to as UAE nationals, are the only people who hold citizenship rights. Everyone else who lives in Dubai on a long-term basis is given a residency visa, which is valid for three years with a renew option every third year. In most cases, people who come to Dubai in search of jobs are provided with an employment visa by the hiring company, which is the employee's ticket to living in Dubai. The employment visa and residency visa for an employee is one and the same.

So, in general, the company that hires you for a job holds the right to extend or cancel your visa after three years of service. If you change employers during the first three years of employment and the current contract specifies clauses where it states you cannot do so, your employer can demand for compensation in the form of travel, moving and visa costs. You can be banned from working in Dubai as well, at least for six months. It's important to be careful and understand all rules, regulations and company agreements when you start a job in Dubai.

After you've found a Dubai job and received an offer, get it all in a written agreement, as verbal promises are useless. Ask for your employment visa prior to entering Dubai to start your job. Ensure your employment contracts states all your benefits and remuneration details, in addition to the work hours, work week, duties and responsibilities, leave allowances etc. Benefits offered with Dubai jobs include accommodation facilities, daily commuting facilities, annual airline ticket to your home country and medical insurance. However, all of these will depend on what your job is and the company hiring you as their employee.

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